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Guest App FAQ
I received an email about the VW app, is there a charge to be included?
Yes, to be included in the app for the next 2 years is £99.

What is the charge for?
There is a considerable amount of work involved to release this application, it will be free to download for end-users. This policy means the app will be downloaded by many, many more users than a paid app. As a seller this gives your products far greater exposure.

I have a website, why do I need to be in an app?
An app gives you presence on the app store which is viewed by tens of millions of users every single day. As well as this a user can visit your website with their mobile device but the information is not formatted or presented correctly. An app delivers everything to them perfectly if they are online or not.

How would my company look in the actual app?
We will give you your own separate area under a category such as Engine Tuning/USA/Your Company Name. There will be a handful of broad categories such as Engine Tuning, Suspension, Bodywork etc.

When will the app be released?
For this app we are relying on content being sent to us, we are looking at mid July/early August.

Which locations will the app be released in?

What are the expected sales numbers?
For an app like this we can expect at least 1,000 downloads every day. We would encourage you to add a link to the app on your website.

Where are the people who download these apps?
The vast majority of our downloads come from the following countries in this order, USA, mainland Europe, UK and Australia. These four locations make up 75% of our sales with Canada then the rest of the world following.

How do users download the app?
They find the app on the iTunes app store, then download it for free to their iPad, iPhone or iPod.

What about Android, Nokia and Blackberry Apps?  I’ve heard they are bigger
Apple have a unique marketplace, our goal is to sell apps and promote your product and this is the best place to do it. Yes the Android marketplace is huge but there are not as many potential customers for you.

What if I pay to be included in the app then change my mind?
Once you accept to be included we start a whole process of work. For this reason we cannot offer a refund if you change your mind or any other event takes place (such as termination of your business etc).

How can we be sure to trust you?
Our reputation is very important and would like to build a long-term business relationship with you. If you search on the internet for my name “John Limbuvala” you will find over 11,000 links to apps we have created. Our name is very important to us, that is how we have built our business.

I am a tuner but not a VW/Audi specialist, can I be included?
Yes but we can only showcase your VW/Audi products and services.

I have a lot of information, can you include all of it?
Yes, we can include text, images, and video. For video mp4 format works best.

What if I am included then have a new product that I wish to add later?
The price includes regular updates, just send us your new information and we will include it in the next update.

Is there any content you do not accept?
Yes, we must comply with the iTunes store policies. This means that content such as any nudity or profane language cannot be included, please do not submit this kind of content to us.

I like the sound of it how do I go ahead?

We accept payment via Paypal to after you have done this then send us your content in a zipped file (this can include text documents, images, videos and any layout features you wish to include).























Below is a sample page from the proposed app, this is just an example of how your products could be displayed.